Toothed Lawn Mower Blades

By USA Mower Blades

The toothed lawn mower blade is a versatile 3-in-1 blade designed for discharge, bagging, and mulching. Toothed blades, while not always true mulching blades, are better for mulching than USMB-CMB-276-3BP-000_05standard high-lift blades. The blade teeth do not have a cutting edge but are used to create extra lift, propelling grass clippings high into the mower deck.


The angle of the teeth is designed to force the grass clipping back toward the cutting edge. When the grass clippings fall back through the mower deck and the blades, they will be cut again before landing on the lawn.


Toothed lawn mower blades are the ideal 3-in-1 blade as they offer the best of all three intended purposes. The high-lift and powerful suction works well for bagging clippings as well as expelling clippings out the side discharge. The mulching capability of the blade will work in conjunction with the discharge or bagging function to ensure finely cut clippings.


Using a toothed blade solely for mulching purposes may not be ideal since some toothed blades do not have the extended cutting edge. For a lawn care professional looking to cover all the bases, toothed blades are the way to go.


USA Mower Blades manufactures toothed lawn mower blades for a variety of the most popular lawn mower models.


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