Don’t Rake. Just Mulch!

By USA Mower Blades

As the weather turns cooler, the leaves will soon change color and many lawn care professionals will transition from actively mowing lawns to using their equipment to collect and remove leaves. Instead of removing the leaves, consider mulching them and leaving them on the lawn. The finely shredded leaves will return organic material to the lawn, improving soil quality, and providing a quick nutritional boost in the spring as the leaves are left to decompose. Mulching the leaves act as a free fertilizer since the decomposing leaves will release the nutrients the trees picked up over the summer and return it back into the soil.


Leaf collection using a mower is much easier than raking or blowing but it does mean more yard waste and yet another trip to the recycling center or dump. Mulching mower blades and 3-in-1 blades from USA Mower blades will make quick work of fallen leaves and eliminate the need to collect the leaves.


The Eagle Series Blades from USA Mower Blades are ideal for fall leaf clean up. Eagle Series Blades are high-quality toothed commercial lawn mower blades designed specifically for longevity and durability. These 3-in-1 toothed blades can bag, side-discharge, or mulch grass clippings with a higher efficiency than standard, non-toothed blades. Toothed blades, while not always true mulching blades, are better for mulching than standard high-lift blades. The blade teeth do not have a cutting edge but are used to create extra lift, propelling clippings high into the mower deck. When the grass clippings and leaves fall back down, they are cut again before being lifted back into the deck or falling onto the lawn. Eagle Series Blades are available for many of the most popular commercial mowers on the market. 


USA Mower Blades also manufactures a line of mulching blades. Mulching blades feature more curves and an increased cutting edge. The curved surface and increased cutting edge allows the blade to cut the grass and bring it into the deck where it is cut several more times before falling back onto the lawn in much smaller pieces. The curved design of a mulching blade does not provide the same type of lift and discharge power as a toothed blade.


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