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Dump the Dull Blades

Posted on: August 24th, 2017 by usmb No Comments

Grass Blade Infor Graphic

Dull lawn mower blades can affect not only the look of the lawn but also the health of the grass. Dull lawn mower blades do not cleanly cut the blades of grass. Instead, the grass is ripped or torn, resulting in a jagged edge. This jagged edged will brown within days, causing an uneven look to a recently cut lawn. The jagged edges also present an easy way for disease and parasites to enter the grass. 


The dull edge of the lawn mower blade will pull at the grass, tearing the individual blades rather than cutting through them. This results in a longer mowing time and more strain on the lawn mower. The grass will momentarily wrap itself around a dull blade before it rips or tears. This causes unnecessary strain on the lawn mower and can result in a shortened operating life or damage to the mower components.


After mowing, take a close look at the cut blades of grass. If the tips of the blades are jagged or torn, it is time to either sharpen the blades or purchase new ones. Blades should be inspected and sharpened after 10 hours of mowing.


Grass that is cut with sharp blades can recover quickly and is more likely to resist disease and pests. Grass cut with sharp blades will also result in a beautiful looking lawn. The cleanly cut blade of grass will hardly yellow or discolor and the plant is able to heal quickly and continue growing.


Mowing the grass is just like pruning a tree or bush. Use the right equipment in the proper way and the plant will continue to thrive and grow. Using equipment that has not been maintained is an easy way to invite disease and pests that will ruin the look, and the health, of even the most well-maintained lawn.


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