How to Identify USA Mower Blades

By USA Mower Blades

There are lots of choices when it comes to replacement lawn mower blades. Consumers usublog01_aally have two choices: pay a premium for blades from the original manufacturer or take a chance on lower-priced off-brand replacements made with inferior materials.

Buying replacement lawn mower blades from USA Mower Blades takes the guess work out of the equation. USA Mower Blades are easy to tell apart from the competition. All USA Mower Blades will be delivered sharp and ready to install. USA Mower Blades will have a glossy finish thanks to a high-quality, heavy-duty epoxy finish. All USA Mower Blades will be delivered in a custom USA Mower Blades box. All USA Mower Blades will have the “USA” stamp on each blade.

USA Mower Blades are made of carbon steel with a hardness of 38-42 Rockwell. These blades are made of local steel that under goes a salt bath heat treatment to eliminate the need for straightening.The glossy epoxy finish has low VOCs, resists corrosion, reduces stone chips, and provides a longer shelf life by reducing oxidation.


What to look for:

USA Stamp
• Blades are sharp and ready to install.
• Milled cutting edge.
• Blades have a glossy epoxy finish.
• Every USA Mower Blade will come in a custom box.
• Look for the USA Mower Blade logo.
• All USMB boxes are made locally.


For more information about USA Mower Blade or for help measuring or determining replacement blades, please call customer service at 734-863-0149 or by e-mail here.


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