54" Cub Cadet 742-0677 Mulching High Lift Mower Blade

Product Description
How to Measure Blades

USA Mower Blades manufacturers replacement lawn mower blades for a wide variety of the most popular commercial lawn mowers on the market. USA Mower Blades are delivered sharp and ready for installation, guaranteeing a beautifully cut lawn every time. The heat-treated steel and epoxy-coated blades provide extra durability and will stand up to the toughest abuse while making any lawn look incredible.

All USA Mower Blades are manufactured in the United States. USA Mower Blades are designed, engineered, tooled, and produced in Ohio, using local materials and labor. The large selection of aftermarket blades fits the most popular commercial and residential lawn mowers, edgers, and power rakes.

Mulching Blades

USA Mower Blades manufactures a wide range of blades designed specifically for mulching applications. USA Mower Blades mulching blades feature an extra-long cutting surface. All mulching blades have a series of curves that force grass clippings up into the deck. The grass clippings will then fall back down where they are cut again by the blade's extra-long cutting edge. This process is repeated until the finely cut grass clipping fall back onto the lawn.

Lift Style

High Lift – 1 in. to 1-3/16 in. Best for use when bagging clippings. These blades will have a more pronounced angle at the ends to create more lift. Excellent for lifting grass to create that fresh-cut look. Requires more horsepower, especially when cutting tall or dense grass. Not recommended for sandy or dusty soil conditions. Sand and dust sucked into the deck will accelerate wear on the blades and equipment.

Product Specifications

Blade Type: Mulching
Center Hole: 6 Point Star
Side Hole: 5/16"
Length: 18-1/2"
Width: 3"
Thickness: 0.204"
Lift: 1-1/4"
Lift Style: High Lift
Offset: 5/16"
MPN: MTR-677-1
Oregon Number: 98-072
Stens Number: 335-855
Replaces OEM: Cub Cadet: 742-0677, 742-0677A, 742-0677B, 942-0677, 942-0677B, OCC-742-0677, OEM-742-0677,
MTD: 490-110-M117, 742-0677, 742-0677A, 742-0677B, 942-0677, 942-0677A, 942-0677B, OEM-742-0677,
Toro: 112-0931, 98024,
Fits Brands: Cub Cadet, MTD, Toro
Fits Models: Cub Cadet: 54" lawn tractors,
13AK92AK010 and 3AK92AK056- 2009 and 2010; 17AI2ACK256; 17WI2ACK056 and 17WI2ACK010- 2010 and 2011; 17WF2ACK010- 13WK92AK056 and 13WZ92AK010 2011; 17Y12ACK010- 2012; 13AK11BK009 and 13AK11BK010- 2008 and newer; 13VR92AK009; 13WR92AK010; requires 3 for 54" deck: ,
MTD: 14AR814K401- 2002; 14AR808K131 and 14AZ814K401- 2003; requires 3 for 54" deck,
MTD Gold: 14AA945K004- 2010 and newer; 14AA815K004- 2008 and newer; 14AW94PK099- 2010; 17AF2ACK004- 2011; 13AP625K730- 2007; 14AR808K131 and 14AZ814K401- 2002-2005; 14AR814K401- 2002-2004; for 54" decks,
Toro: GT2300- 14AK81RK544 and 14AK81RK744- 2006; requires 3 for 54" deck,