61" Scag 8230063 Standard Medium Lift Mower Blade

Product Description
How to Measure Blades

USA Mower Blades manufacturers replacement lawn mower blades for a wide variety of the most popular commercial lawn mowers on the market. USA Mower Blades are delivered sharp and ready for installation, guaranteeing a beautifully cut lawn every time. The heat-treated steel and epoxy-coated blades provide extra durability and will stand up to the toughest abuse while making any lawn look incredible.

All USA Mower Blades are manufactured in the United States. USA Mower Blades are designed, engineered, tooled, and produced in Ohio, using local materials and labor. The large selection of aftermarket blades fits the most popular commercial and residential lawn mowers, edgers, and power rakes.

Standard Blades

USA Mower Blades manufactures a wide range of blades to fit most commercial lawn mowers on the market. USA Mower Blades standard 2-in-1 blades come in low lift, medium lift, high lift, and extra high lift versions. USA Mower Blades are also available in commercial or standard versions. USA Mower Blades made for commercial use are thicker and wider, designed specifically for extended durability and longevity.

Lift Style

Medium Lift – 3/4 in. to 15/16 in. Typically found on straight edge, standard discharge blades. These blades have a slight upward angle at the ends. The blades produce medium lift and require less horsepower than high lift blades.

Product Specifications

Blade Type: Standard
Center Hole: 5/8"
Length: 21"
Width: 2-1/2"
Thickness: 0.204"
Lift: 3/4"
Lift Style: Medium Lift
MPN: U11-111
Oregon Number: 91-135
Stens Number: 340-117
Replaces OEM: Bobcat: 112111-03, 112243-03, 42180B, 72039B,
WM142180B Bunton: 79-117, PC005,
PL4207 Encore: 823006 Ferris,
1520842S Giant Vac: 0788 Gravely,
GDU10232 Husqvarna: 539101733 Jacobsen,
P-322 Lesco: 050170, 50170, 50256,
51532 Scag: 48111, 481708, 481712, 482879, 48304, A48111,
A48304 Snapper: 1-7081, 1520842, 5020842, 7017081, 7075770, 7075770BMA, 7075770BZ, 7075770BZYP, 7075770YP,
75770 Wright Mfg.: 50170, 71440003,
Fits Brands: Scag, Bobcat, Bunton, Encore, Ferris, Giant Vac, Gravely, Great Dane, Husqvarna, Jacobsen, Kees, Lastec, Lesco, Snapper, Wright Mfg.
Fits Models: Bunton: Requires 3 for 61" deck,
Encore: Prowler Mid-Cut; Requires 3 for 61" deck,
Ferris: Requires 3 for 61" deck,
Great Dane: Requires 3 for 61" deck,
Husqvarna: Requires 3 for 61" deck,
Kees: Requires 3 for 61" deck,
Lesco: Requires 3 for 61" deck,
Scag: Requires 3 for 61" deck,
Wright Mfg.: Requires 3 for 61" deck,